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Vertical Blinds Sample Service

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Vertical Blinds Product & Information Guide

vertical blinds at sunny kitchen window

General Vertical Blind Specifications

…Max. individual rail width 5 metres (196 inches)
…Min. individual rail width 20cm (8 inches)
…Max. recommended drop 5 metres (196 inches)
…Min. possible drop 20cm (8 inches)
…Fabric slat width 89mm or 127mm (certain fabrics)
…Manufactured size will be 5mm less than recess size
…Hangers have 3 settings to aid height adjustment
…Headrail depth approx 1.25 inches (3.18 cm)
vogue slimline vertical blind track

Abbey Vertical Blinds Difference

new the sleek vogue slimline headrail
…unlimited parts guarantee on all blinds
…try Alternating fabric colours & patterns
…Choose any fabric pay one low price irrespective
…replace stabilising chain with sewn in weghts
…Everything above is available no extra charge
     please ask for details…
curved, arched and sloping vertical blind tracks

Curved, Arched & Sloping Vertical Tracks

…Curved tracks - Diy approach is not recommended
…Verticals can be shaped to fit a wedge/sloping recess
…Curved & arched tracks are less fluid in operation
…Bow windows over 2.5m are better split into 2 tracks
…Arched tracks only tilt they do not draw
…Surcharge applies to arched & curved but not sloping
…Expect incremental slat gape as the track curves out
vertical blinds with cluttered window sill

Vertical Blind - Tips & Advice

…Ensure that window sills are kept clutter free
…Slats overlap with a gap they do not form a seal
…Tracks can be butted together where required
…one way Draw away from opening windows best
…units over 2 metres wide, split draw better option
…outside recess mount creates large rear gape
…sufficient slat rotation space needs consideration
…inward opening doors need track clearance at top