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Venetian Blinds Slat Service

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Venetian Blinds Product & Information Guide

wood effect venetian blind

General Venetian Blind Specifications

…25mm slat Max. width 3 metres (118 inches)
…25mm slat Max. drop 3 metres (118 inches)
…35mm slat Max. width 3.5 metres (137 inches)
…35mm slat Max. drop 3 metres (118 inches))
…50mm slat Max. width 4 metres (157 inches)
…50mm slat Max. drop 4 metres (157 inches)
…Manufactured size will be 5mm less than recess size
ultrawand mono control venetian

Aluminium Venetian Blinds Difference

NEW ultrawand mono control operation
…Unlimited parts guarantee on all blinds
…Alternating or combination block slat colours
…Choose any slat pay one low price irrespective
…Perfect fit frame with 25mm slat option
…Choose from 25mm, 35mm & 50mm slat width
…Everything above is available no extra charge
     please ask for details…
venetian blinds chink of light

Venetian Blind - Tips & Advice

…Allow for small chinks of light even when closed
…Beware real wood expands & warps naturally
…Ideal solution where a small footprint demands
…Real wood is heavy & stacks very deep
…Individual units can be butted tightly together
…Sits flush when fitted to outside recess
…Concealed fittings available if required