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We manufacture the whole spectrum of blinds and within each blind type is a vast range of fabrics and colours that you can make your choice from. Everything on offer, we produce, your blind will be custom made to fit your windows.

As one of the main, longstanding, manufacturers in the region we have many products in our range some of which not every customer is aware of, such as perfect fit blinds. Our 'one low price policy' means that you can choose a product that suits your individual requirements making it easier to be creative and different with less mainstream products and fabrics which are usually only available at increased prices elsewhere on the market. Please do not hesitate to ask for information or advice, our staff will be only too happy to guide you around the types and suitability of blinds that are available, the recommendations will be based on fact not sell up opportunities.

It may well be that you end up with a perfect fit roller on your kitchen door whereas a standard roller would not be practical due to clearance restrictions. But under our 'one low price policy' you are not charged any extra - again we are more interested in suitability, practicality and Customer satisfaction rather than looking for an oppportunity to make a few extra pounds.

Be pleasantly surprised by our low prices and extensive product range

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